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This intitiative of preparing the Videos has been taken up with the sole purpose of spreading this message of Truth and for imparting Sikh Education in a most effective manner.

While the videos are available for viewing over the Internet around the clock, you may like to obtain the VCDs/Cassettes for various reasons. For that you may contact us at:

you may obtain the Videos by writing to us at cassettes@sikhvideos.org  You may also call us for obtaining the cassettes at our contact Numbers: +91-172-2601440

Most Importantly you may help us in this Holy venture by obtaining the VCDs/Cassettes from us at nominal charges and playing these in gathering in your locality or local Gurudwara Sahib. This will go a long way in spreading this fragrance of the Lotus Feet of Guru Nanak.

We can ship the cassettes in any of the formats - DVD/VCD/Broadcast quality (formats used for transmission by professional channels) like Mini DV/DV/Betacam. Whatever amount we invest in the preparation of the Videos, has to, perforce, be reinvested after sale and receipt of the proceeds.

Whether you need the Videos for your personal viewing or for screening to the sangat,

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Email: mission@sikhvideos.org

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